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the best composites this side of mars



Atomic-6 high specific stiffness composites enable the future of space flight.  

  • Higher specific stiffness than prepreg

  • Low mass satellite structures

  • Deployable solar array masts

Commercial Space Products:


Atomic-6 oxidation resistant, high strength-to-weight composites enable hypersonic aircraft that fly faster and farther than the competition. 

  • High temperature / oxidation resistant

  • Higher specific strength than prepreg



Atomic-6 high specific strength composites enable increased range and maneuverability.

  • Higher specific strength than prepreg

  • Zero void content

  • Accelerated cure time


Atomic-6 composites enable the lightest weight armor.

  • High specific strength

  • Process agnostic to fiber/resin system selection

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atomic-6 PROceSS

  • Atomic-6's proprietary mold and manufacturing process achieves higher specific strength and stiffness than prepreg.

  • The process results in near zero void content and higher fiber to resin ratios.

  • The process is agnostic of the customer's fiber and resin matrix combination.


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Marietta, GA

Atomic-6 is hiring well qualified applicants interested in making the best composites this side of Mars! 

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