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Atomic-6 Welcomes Peter Shpik as our Veteran Industry Consultant

ATLANTA, GA (March 9, 2021) – Atomic-6 is pleased to announce that Peter Shpik has joined the company as our Industry Consultant. Peter brings his aerospace composite manufacturing expertise to our team. He will be assisting us with facility operations, vendor management and process optimization.

Formerly Director of Technical Services at Teijin Carbon America, Sr. Research Engineer at Rohr Inc (BF Goodrich, UTAS, & Collins Aerospace), and Technology Manager at GKN Aerospace, Shpik pioneered the implementation of groundbreaking techniques for the manufacture of composite structures, including the use of thermoplastic matrix materials in their production. With a strong engineering background and extensive hands-on experience, Shpik has been able to leverage his skills to innovate new ideas and procedures, and he has achieved broad recognition throughout the industry.

“Having Peter join our team is a true testament to the company’s vision of becoming a major player in the composites industry. His ability to understand and continually improve our proprietary manufacturing process will be instrumental for the company’s success as a startup as well as operating a full-production facility. Atomic-6 is developing composite parts for some extremely critical and harsh environments. We want our shareholders and customers to know that we have the best minds in the industry working to provide the highest performing and safest products possible,” said Trevor Smith, President & CEO of Atomic-6. “I was introduced to Peter by Rob Klawonn (former President of Teijin Carbon America) a few years ago, so he came to us from a trusted industry friend. Peter’s unique capacity to problem solve with real-world composite manufacturing will be invaluable to Atomic-6 and we can’t wait for the future!”

About Atomic-6

Atomic-6 is an advanced composite manufacturing startup. Our proprietary process brings composites to the next stage of innovation; creating highly customizable products that are stronger, lighter, and produced faster than ever before. Atomic-6 is committed to bringing next-generation composites to the forefront of Aerospace, Defense and Logistics.

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