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ATOMIC-6 Awarded $750,000 STTR PHASE IIby Air Force Research Lab-Space Vehicles Directorate

ATLANTA, GA (August 5, 2021) – Atomic-6 has been awarded a $750,000 Phase II STTR by the US Air Force through AFWERX to advance the manufacturing of a smaller diameter and higher performing Bi-Stable Collapsible composite support beam for systems similar to the Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) system, which is currently in use on the International Space Station. This is the company’s fourth SBIR/STTR Air Force award in 2021.

“Larger solar arrays mean more power but having an efficient way of packaging a large array into a rocket payload fairing can prove difficult,” said Trevor Smith, Atomic-6 President and Chief Executive Officer. “The performance capability Atomic-6 can bring to applications like ROSA would allow for the deployment of even larger solar arrays, which enables more power to the system, while not dramatically increasing the mass of the deployable system required for the larger array.”

“Atomic-6 is thrilled to be recognized by the Air Force as a cutting-edge, leading partner in composite manufacturing and the next evolution of efficient, light-weight, strong and competitively priced parts. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs are among the most desirable infusions of capital that a new, high-tech company can receive. Now the real fun begins. To infinity and beyond!” said Smith.

It takes real effort and expertise to construct a successful SBIR/STTR proposal. It’s art and science, and not a fit for every startup. Atomic-6 was lucky enough to be introduced to Victoria Falls Technology. They have been instrumental in assisting us through the SBIR/STTR submission process and making sure we meet the deliverable requirement timelines once we receive our contracts. Dan Selli, VF Tech advisor, has gone above and beyond to help ensure our success.” said Smith.

About Atomic-6

Atomic-6 is an advanced composites manufacturing firm. Our proprietary process brings composites to the next stage of innovation; creating highly customizable products that are stronger, lighter, and produced faster than ever before. Atomic-6 is committed to bringing next-generation composites to the forefront of Aerospace, Defense and Logistics.

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